UFO Intrigue, and the 'Leak of the Century' - an Interview with Richard Dolan - Mystery Wire

George Knapp's short format style gets a lot of mileage out of an interview, often aged somewhat to a lot. This first installment introduces a three-part split to a dialogue with historian and presenter Richard Dolan, recorded on June 22, 2019. The intro summarizes Dolan's major belief as to what's behind the apparent shift in Pentagon secrecy, and the "UFO leak of the century." Historian 'Shocked' at Media's New Attitude Toward UFOs is the actual first part of the three-segment interview. Richard makes several good points about the change from the status quo ante, George Knapp zeroes in on the impact of the Navy F/A-18 gun camera footage, and both emphasize the to some still surprising--and crucial--impact To The Stars...Academy of Arts & Science has had in getting us to wherever we currently are in the evolving story. The true "second" installment UFO Briefings, 'Unidentified,' and Soft Disclosure: Historian Analyzes Information Flow gives Richard's "take" on the information-management characteristics of the To The Stars/History collaboration Unidentified. This generally commendable effort, Dolan thinks, had to be careful in its assertions. 'UFO Leak of the Century' Contained in 15-page Document, Historian Says gives a very tantalizing characterization of a possibly genuine set of notes. If the stuff told Eric Davis back in 2002 is not disinformation, it would radically change our perspective upon human knowledge of alien technology. Thankfully, the installment has a link to the "15 pages of notes" at EWD Notes. The whole offers the impression of an impromptu but literate dialogue that effectively communicates Dolan's perspectives on the Big Story that broke on December 16, 2017. (WM)

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