California Man Claims Van was Flipped Over by Extraterrestrials - Mysterious Universe

This headline caught our attention, and Paul Seaburn explains why he thinks it's not so strange an assertion. In the process we learn about the "Warminster Thing" of 1965 and whatever it was that hit Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson's police car back in 1979. The two pictures in Paul's source article Man Claims Extraterrestrials are to Blame in Highway 18 Rollover Accident suggest careening off an icy road could have explained the matter. Fansided reporter Susan Leighton poses a question in her UFO over Georgia: Are Aliens Really Observing Us or Optical Illusion?. Her motivation is the video of an unknown aerial "thing." We didn't see the other "silvery object" hovering above it, but "the black square" does look like a banner of some kind. Nick Redfern takes an advocacy position for the reality of abductee accounts in Alien Encounters: From Contactees to Abductees. At least, Nick believes that several governmental agencies started taking those stories seriously in the 1960s and adopted what was "maybe even the only approach possible"--which might have included hoaxing abductions. Argentina has had more than its share of entity cases, as well, and Luis Burgos gives several major UFO-less ones in CE3K: A Humanoid Encounter in Shadow of the Eclipse. (WM)

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