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Eat your heart out, Dan Brown, 'cause Brent Swancer's beat you at your own game. I'll just refrain from mentioning Brent doesn't write like an 11th grader flunking English. Rather than postulate the contents of those 85 kilometers of bookshelves, Brent examines the psychology and a few of the tastier yarns cropping up over the years. Surprisingly, The Strange, Demonic Adventures Of A Prolific Exorcist aren't tucked away in a forgotten oubliette. Amidst many sordid tales of possession, Bob Larson does offer exorcism classes for the low, low price of $295. Perhaps we can pass the hat for Brent so he can attend one? It's a darn sight cheaper than Amanda Noelle's "Pussy Power" retreats. (CS)

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