Flat-Earthers, Ancient Astronaut Theorists, and the Battle to Control Knowledge - Jason Colavito

Sociologist Harry T. Dyer's argument about the psychological underpinnings of the "Flat Earth" movement extends to Ancient Astronaut and Lost Civilization theories, in Jason Colavito's opinion. It's surely a stretch to regard the whole of such activities as a revolt against the intellectual authority of "out-of-touch elites." However, top archaeological and ufological researchers can do more to present their results--and methodology--to the general public. Nick Redfern shows what a basic lack of understanding coupled with internet "research" can do in UFOs: "A Memorandum of Importance". Jason Colavito tells us why David Wilcock Says He Elected Not to Appear on "Ancient Aliens" with John Podesta. Colavito of course continues his harsh criticism of Wilcock and Ancient Aliens, but makes good points. With A Firsthand Account of the Horrific Museum that Housed the Grave Creek Stone Colavito shares something he found while unearthing information for his upcoming book about the fantasy of a "lost white race of Mound Builders." We're interested in the book, but Jason could have left this particular historical vignette buried. (WM)

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