Chasing Footnotes--The Coyne Edition - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle follows up his The Coyne Helicopter Encounter-Explained?, which allowed readers to compare his and "Parabunk's" views as to the latter's "diagnosis" of the 1973 Mansfield, Ohio case. In the present article, while trying to trace secondary sources to their origin, Kevin is stymied by his lacking a certain Flying Saucer Review issue. Apparently by his May 11th posting Chasing Footnotes - Coyne Encounter, Update he'd gotten it, but that FSR piece turned out to be "a dead end." However, Kevin also spoke with one of the principals in the case, crew chief Robert Yanacsek. Kevin's original question was whether the helicopter that Yanacsek and three other Army Reservists manned had been told that nothing else was flying in their area. This question is crucial to the Parabunk hypothesis. Kevin also took the opportunity to query just what it was that Yanacsek remembered seeing on that fateful October 18th evening. Those answers are illuminating, but in this case the Comments may be even more enlightening on how to debate vigorously--but still (as of this reading) respectfully--a UFO case and the methodology to approach it. Well, Mark O'Connell isn't so kind to Parabunk, as per his UFO Cold Case post. Though O'Connell makes some good points, Jennie Zeidman's response to the skeptic's efforts is more graceful than Mark's. (WM)

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