14th Canadian "Mystery Foot" Found - Coast to Coast AM

What the heck is going on in Canada, or more specifically the West Coast? Another dismembered foot--the 14th since 2007 when this "fun" began--has washed up on the shores of Western Canada. Hungry Sasquatch don't like smelly feet? Serial killer? Police are saying the grisly discoveries are entirely unconnected, which of course makes us believe that they are most certainly connected. Anybody got a DNA lab we could borrow? While we're waiting on that, how about Lunch in a Different Dimension? Jason Offutt shares this report from 1995 Rhode Island where the veil seems to have pulled back just enough to allow two friends to slip through while on a road trip. Not realizing what was going on until much, much later, the two pals enjoyed an excellent meal in a seaside business district that seemed to disappear as soon as they headed back home. Not even Google Earth, with all its inherent weirdness spying sea monsters and lost civilizations from space, could locate the elusive hub, although the location of the shared experience did in fact exist as an undeveloped plot of land. Truth is stranger than fiction. (CM)

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