Who is Doing This? Global Wave of Animal Mutilations Defies Explanation - Sputnik News

A good introduction to this most grisly and still-mysterious phenomenon often regarded as kind of a peripheral subtopic of ufology, like crop circles. Linda Moulton Howe and Chuck Zukowski, representing the earliest and more recently popular researchers of cattle mutilations, have their say, and Chris O'Brien has his own spirited rejoinder in the comments. The worldwide nature of the problem is also highlighted. Rather less serious but still puzzling is The Weird Thing about the Fireball That Just Flashed over Seattle. Rafi Letzter is right; a 13-second transit across the sky on July 29th is an occasion for some head-scratching, but the operations manager for the American Meteor Society has high confidence that he knows the cause of the Pacific Northwest display. Over at High Strangeness, author Mark O'Connell has his publisher's permission to put some edited parts of his book on J. Allen Hynek, The Close Encounters Man, on his blog. It may not be "Masterpiece Theater," but Little Green Men--Part I is a good read with a cliff-hanger ending, followed by Part II. (WM)

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