The Inside Story of Disney's Mythic UFO Documentary and Conference: Part One - Mysterious Universe

This two-part article by Robbie Graham centers around supposed "promos" for a mid-1990s Disneyworld attraction called "ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter." Part One focuses on a very "pro-UFO" and even frightening TV documentary that only briefly aired in a very few locations and at odd times of the day. Part Two deals with a major UFO conference packed with high-profile speakers that was astonishingly badly promoted. Benefiting from conversations with, and research about, some pivotal figures in the Disney-U.S. governmental connection, Graham crafts a plausible theory on the purpose behind such apparent nonsense. Curt Collins furnishes similarly little-known information and informed speculation on a more "core" area of ufology in General John A. Samford's 1952 UFO Disclosure. It just may be that an "interview" with the Chief of Air Force Intelligence, which included some surprising statements about ET visitation, may never have occurred. We particularly appreciate Collins' provisions for reading original sources, as well as acknowledging contributions by fellow ufologists Yvan Defoy and Jan Aldrich. (WM)

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