The Hall of Records, Resurrected: Researchers Say the Great Sphinx is Older Than Believed - and it 'Guards' a Hidden Cha...

Do you like your history cast in stone--literally? Well, it's time to become more flexible. Writing on the stone walls inside the Great Sphinx is leading researchers to believe it may be older than first anticipated. Meanwhile, archeologists on Scotland's northeastern shore have discovered new information about the ancient Picts. Fort Built by Mysterious Ancient ‘Painted People’ Unearthed, and not destroyed by the town of Burghead Fort built directly on top. (Talk about pushy neighbors.) And finally, the tall and gangly among us can take heart: Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Sa-Nakht May Have Been a Giant, New Study Suggests. It's good to know even the high and mighty in history may have stood out awkwardly from the crowds. (CM)

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