The Accidental Invention Of The Illuminati Conspiracy - BBC Future

How long has the Illuminati been in power? Millennia? Centuries? More like decades if you swallow Sophia Smith Galer's disinformation campaign to pin the blame squarely on Robert Anton Wilson's shoulders. Germinating from the rich soil of the 1960's counterculture revolution, RAW's celebrated trilogy continues subverting our history and future. Also keen on raising the noise-to-signal ratio is Hamish MacPherson's Debunking The Myths Of Scottish History. Nessie? Pish-posh! Selkies? A load of foofaraw! Kelpies? Well... let's leave that up to Hamish. As for other attempts to explain the world with the secret socities-of-the-gaps and the fairies-of-the-gaps, Clive Prince shares a treasury of times when science was caught Leaping In The Wrong Direction. Clive does find it disturbing with Charles Wynn and Arthur Wiggins equating saucer-chasing and bigfoot hunting with Holocaust deniers. Godwin's Law much, Chuck and Artie? (CS)

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