New Survey Shows Nearly Half of Americans Believe in Aliens - Open Minds

We're not sure how much of a surprise this should be to folks who keep up on things UFO, but a survey done for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment found that 47% of the respondents "believe in aliens," and "18% of the group said they believed in alien abduction," which figure seemed to surprise our reporter Alejandro Rojas. But if one considers that to qualify for a "yes" to this question, a person in the poll first had to believe that aliens existed (47%), that 18% value isn't so small, relatively speaking. The survey was part of the promotion for the blu-ray release of a movie which is apparently a mixture of the real 1997 Phoenix Lights event and The Blair Witch Project. "Phoenix Forgotten" a UFO Sighting Revisited is a review of said movie by Aced Magazine film critic John Delia. He says it's "A nicely made mystery thriller," and gives some solid reasons behind this praise--but if you're inclined to see the movie, be sure to read Delia's review before going through the "bonus features"! (WM)

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