Cops Warn Civilians Not To Shoot Bigfoot After Sighting - New York Post

It's a shame folks don't have enough common sense, nor gun discipline, to know well enough to hold their fire. A sighting 'round Charlotte has locals getting itchy trigger fingers in hopes of proving Loren Coleman right. Except they don't know Loren wouldn't want the big fella hurt in any way. Mark Price at The Charlotte Observer has more details from the North Carolina Group Reporting The Bigfoot Sighting that ruffled so many feathers. From Chris Perez in the Big Apple to the Palmetto State's Chucktown, Brooks Brunson's raising the signal as Agencies Advise On Possible 'Lizard Man,' 'Bigfoot' Sightings during next week's solar eclipse. If you don't recall how dangerous lizard men can be, Brooks shares the report bringing these beasts into popular consciousness back in 1988. As the sun is obscured by the moon on August 21st you may want to be listening, than actively looking into the daytime gloom, for bigfoot. Famous for signalling to others by banging clubs against trees, Nick Redfern's found the perfect manual for the discerning squatcher to detect and understand Bigfoot Wood Knocks. It's a rare collection of intelligent voices addressing the phenomenon, reviewing sightings, and so much more. (CS)

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