Billy Meier and Planets Beyond Pluto - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle has raised the ire of Swiss contactee-claimant Billy Meier supporters, and these two recent installments of Kevin's review of Meier claims will surely add fuel to the fire. Randle first focuses on Meier's prediction that humans would eventually discover two planets beyond Pluto, both of which are smaller than that former ninth planet. Kevin's arguments vary in strength, but the article is informative and fun. So is The Moons of Jupiter and Billy Meier. Here Kevin's points again carry differing amounts of weight, and we're still wondering why Meier was apparently more accurate about the size of Amalthea than was the contemporary New York Times. We're also not sure of the ore concentration in the "dirt" Anthony Bragalia's collected about Former Press Secretary Dana Perino's Roswell Crash Confession. Whether Bragalia's stitching together of remarks widely-separated in time and occasion, and making much of a President George W. Bush "wink" are fully warranted, at least a couple of Ms. Perino's interesting comments seemed sincere, thoughtful, and to come from her core beliefs. (WM)

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