Alien Abductees and Government Spying--More - Mysterious Universe

Nick Redfern turns a previous article--Are UFO Abductees Being Secretly Watched?--into a trilogy. From that first post dealing with a type of abduction called "Milabs," short for "Military Abductions," Redfern's next piece, featured here, tries to strengthen his case that current-day abductees are possibly being tracked by the Government as the same thing happened in the '50s and '60s with "Contactees." These people claimed direct contact with aliens on a relatively equal footing, preached pacifist and conservationist as well as spiritual messages, and got on the nerves of at least some in the U.S. Government at the height of the Cold War. Redfern points out that FBI files were kept on at least the leading contactee figures. He thinks that the abduction phenomenon may be viewed by some in power as potentially subversive. This is because many abductees report the same kind of concerns on the part of their abductors that the contactees claimed bothered their "Space Brother (and Sister!) friends. In "Were The Motives Magical, Ufological, Or Political?" Nick narrates another outstandingly weird story. He suspects "shadowy forces" harassed a well-known paranormalist, but, again, for his political rather than his more exotic beliefs. (WM)

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