4 Alleged Bigfoot Sightings and Evidence from July 2017 - Stranger Dimensions

Rob Schwartz offers several strange examples of what some claim are Bigfoot sightings. We can't say for sure, but we like Rob's approach of presenting the data and objectively assessing the situation. But be warned, the final example, titled "A Weird Creature Surfaces In Azerbaijan" goes beyond the usual strangeness and moves well into downright unsettling. Still talking Bigfoot, Brett Swancer gives us a pleasant dose of woo with Truly Bizarre Accounts of Spontaneously Vanishing Bigfoot. If we take into account how challenging it is to find clear footage of Sasquatch, the concept of vanishing doesn't seem all that far fetched. And finally, we want to thank Week in Weird for information about the upcoming Cryptid Con: New Event Brings the Hunt for Bigfoot, Monsters, and Legends to Kentucky. Cryptid Con will be held at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort, Kentucky, on Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 10th. Tickets can be purchased online at Cryptidcon.com. (CM)

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