Witness in Ontario Photographs "Rectangular Box-Shaped" UFO - Open Minds

Three articles illustrating some of the problems with "UFO" photography. Alejandro Rojas reports on a July 11th case from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, featuring photos of what the witness said "looked like a large, rectangular, metallic box" floating and changing directions in the sky. None of the photos provides sure detail, and Rojas asks you whether a reader's proposed identification of the object makes sense. Staying with Open Minds, Roger Marsh headlines a post Witness Allegedly Captures Military UFO Chase Video. The article recounts some of what a UFO tour group conductor's clients saw and recorded at a recent Joshua Tree, California evening session. Marsh's account is rather "toned down" from the MUFON Case Management System's "Long Description of Sighting Report", and the video on its own does not seem overwhelmingly impressive. But the combination of elements has California MUFON's Chief Investigator looking into this one. And somebody ought to be able to test the claims in a Witness Says Strange Hole in Mt. Adams is a UFO Hangar Door. Paul Seaburn's got the story of this surprising discovery at James Gilliland's 2017 ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) conference. It seems that conference attendee Fade to Blacks' Jimmy Church has day-before and day-of images and video of the hole's appearance. Seaburn's got his own opinions on the image, and how it might be verified. (WM)

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