What is Mutilating Cows in the Midwest? FBI Probed Thousands Of Reports of Cattle Killed With 'Surgical Precision' Since...

The more things change, the more they stay the same, particularly if you're a cattle rancher on the dicey side of whatever it is that has been surgically splicing and dicing cows for the past 4 decades. What also stays the same are the rumors that the bovine assailants are aliens, the USDA, evil cultists, or freakish wild animals. Hungry chupacabra you say? Let's try Chupacabra in India? Mystery Creature Mutilates 150 Sheep. This particular hungry little beast (or beasts) has a penchant for mutton, but it may just be that sheep are easier to catch than goats. Or it's easier to find a sheep suit when you're a slavering wild animal wanting to pose in sheeps' clothing... (CM)

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