Venusian Emissaries "Beam In" for Cosmic Ray's Venus Lecture - Phantoms & Monsters

Every once in a while something occurs in, or tangential to, ufology that makes you shake your head in pure wonderment. Such is the case of the two "young" women who came to hear "Cosmic Ray" Keller's talk late last month at the Warren Light Center, a metaphysical retreat in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania. Publicity stunt, New Age contactees, real, resurrected "emissaries," whatever...these two of these centenarians looked less than a quarter of their claimed age, and claimed biographies that, well, you've got to read to believe... . While Ladies Columba and Aurora "appeared in a shaft of light," their exit after Ray's lecture is not discussed. Lon Strickler, who passed this passing strange story on, also gives us Warning: Governments Dealing with 'Aliens that Cannot be Trusted'. The "warning" was conveyed 11 years ago to a Plymouth, Minnesota, resident. Lon adds a previous report from the same town; he thinks it may be from a different witness, and a reference within the text indicates this reporter is male, where the prior witness claims a husband and children. Lon's article also includes another Plymouth, Minnesota, report of an abduction 27 years ago. Strickler also notes what seems a strikingly large proportion of CEIII/IV reports from Plymouth, though the comparative databases are different. If something very wrong has been going on in that town of about 75,000, one hopes that good psychological resources are available there or in the nearby Minneapolis-St. Paul area. The reporters all seem to have experienced lasting effects from whatever they encountered. (WM)

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