Unlocking Amazing Super Healing Powers In Humans - Mysterious Universe

While Marvel-style mutants are a pipe-dream, Dr. George Daley may hold the key to making each and every one of us into Wolverine. Not a brooding, loner psychopath with ridiculous claws, but awakening and energizing our healing factors by tickling a single gene. With this increased vigor, could longevity treatments be far behind? While Brent Swancer's fascinated with new advances, his colleague Brent Swancer is intrigued by some Strange Siberian Mummies Found Bound In Copper just the other day. Mainstream archaeologists insist the bindings were ceremonial, but the door's wide open for maverick theories. Had these poor souls been members of the Gentry, then they would've been bound in cold iron. Now that's what I call a segue to Peter Rogerson's review of Elf Queens And Holy Friars. Don't be ashamed of getting carried Away With Fairies as their perennial influence on human culture remains strong as ever, even if they no longer resemble the tales of yore. (CS)

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