UFOs & Rolling Stone - High Strangeness

Mark O'Connell tells a tale of good and bad experiences with Rolling Stone magazine writers. The good experience is one Mark recently had. The bad experience is a story about Dr. J. Allen Hynek, subject of Mark's recently-published book The Close Encounters Man, and the treatment accorded Hynek, the two main figures in the 1973 Pascagoula, Mississippi UFO abduction, and as Mark puts it, "pretty much every part of the country that lay to the south of the Mason-Dixon line." Sounds a bit like a Life magazine piece on the 1966 Dexter, Michigan, UFO case and its focal witness family. Speaking of besmirching the locals, Rich Reynolds expands upon The UFO ET "Problem" (for Me) in a short blog. While they likely evolved under radically different conditions that would explain why it's unlikely we could understand their communications, Rich argues that putative ET intelligences would be too rational as our logic understands the term to do the irrational things they are reported doing. This includes cavorting about in our poor home space in the numbers reported when they could be off somewhere else with higher tourist satisfaction ratings. (WM)

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