UFO Enthusiast Now Facing Child Pornography Charges is Subject of Netflix Documentary - Snopes

Fact-checking site Snopes sketches the Stan Romanek story, with particular emphasis on Romanek's upcoming trial and the prior release of a documentary on Netflix covering Romanek's years of alleged anomalous experiences. Editorial Staff member Dan MacGuill pans the flick and instances some of the times that Romanek's claims have been demonstrated as hoaxes. The Romanek saga and others like it detract mightily from the credibility of ufology at a time when the general public seems more open to anomalies, but such considerations pale before the gravity of the charges facing Mr. Romanek. Speaking of long-standing controversies, Kevin Randle tells us about MUFON, Billy Meier (and Michael Horn) and Me. This article elicits a series of connected comment-rebuttals by the "Authorized American Media Representative for Billy Meier" himself. Meier claims contacts with extraterrestrial entities called "Plejarens" going back to the early 1940s, and has produced numerous photographs of their "beamships". Numerous books and articles have been written and sites dedicated to the pro and con about Meier and his UFO "movement", with most scientists, skeptics, and even ufologists dubbing his photographs and films as fakes. Randle gives you the tools to investigate this matter, and Horn promises to continue his arguments for its legitimacy. (WM)

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