Triangle UFO Quickly Disappears over Small Ohio Town - Open Minds

Here are four recent reports illustrating the wide variety of phenomena that generate "UFO" talk. Roger Marsh gives us a May 16, 2017, sighting in Batavia, in the far southwest portion of Ohio, which seems to represent a "norm" nowadays. It's an evening sighting of a soundless triangle, and the report includes the familiar components of a dog and a plane in the vicinity. The witness provided a computer-assisted rendering of the object's movements. In Ohio Witness Drives Past Hovering UFO Roger changes things up with an unusually-shaped UFO and a puzzled witness who can't figure out why he didn't stop and investigate what above the earth he saw when he first saw it. This November 2016 Delphos sighting, reported late this May, features an intriguing witness drawing. With Mexico: Strange Object in the Skies over Puebla Inexplicata offers a link to a video of an odd-looking black circle in the sky over the state of Puebla. The formation seems to dissipate fairly quickly, and we at least had problems rolling the video and discerning the "even larger shape" that was said to have appeared in the distance. Another cloud formation? And, lastly, Aliens in Gadag? Strange Sounds and Unexplained Footmarks Leave Residents Perplexed comes from Southwest India. Here all that the locals experienced was strange sounds last Sunday night that caused the village dogs to bark, and finding some 6-by-12-inch footprints that local forest department officials couldn't identify: "The residents now feel it is the work of aliens." (WM)

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