The UFO Gnostic--Orfeo Angelucci Meets Carl Jung - Journal of a UFO Investigator

David Halperin tells us that he probably never would have read Orfeo Angelucci's The Secret of the Saucers were it not for Car Jung. What David draws from his reading, with reference to Jung's fascination with Angelucci, seems about as far as one can get from Nick's recent thoughts on the subject. Perhaps Halperin's and Redfern's speculations both extrapolate a bit too far in some respects, but they are interesting, insightful, and illustrative of the fact that UFO-related accounts are at base stories about people who claim journeys beyond the borders of normal reality. And that brings us to the latest installment of Special Cases--The Long Island File (46): Jaye's Notes of Some of the Messages. Here Doug Skinner poses a fundamental question that readers must have been asking themselves for some time: "was [Jaye, Keel's go-between with the "androids"] Paro channeling or hoaxing, or both?" And we might add, "At whose instance?" to both possibilities. (WM)

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