The Pteranodano and Billy Meier - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle returns his skeptical gaze onto Swiss contactee-claimant Billy Meier, this time focusing upon, of all things, a photograph that Meier may, or may not, have taken of a "Pteranodano", a living, breathing Pteranodon (a flying reptile, not, strictly speaking, a dinosaur) seen in the wild on a planet far, far away. Just how far away is as up for grabs as is whether it was Meier or someone else who photographed an illustration in a science book. As Kevin navigates the logical maze behind this Meier brouhaha, you get a sense of the lengths people will go to in order to shore up a belief system. In keeping with the general topic of outrageous, supposedly prehistoric reptiles, Curt Collins has another short article letting the source material speak for itself in UFOs, Sea Serpents, Ridicule and Disinformation. In the process Collins skewers a popular notion about the origin of "little green men" and makes an important point about the treatment generally and historically accorded those who report anomalies. (WM)

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