The July 1952 Nash-Fortenberry UFO Sighting - UFO Conjectures

Three valuable offerings from Rich Reynolds. First up, Rich reproduces a piece from Tom Tulien on the 1952 Nash-Fortenberry UFO sighting, an International UFO Reporter article that in Rich's words "is how UFO accounts, old and new, should be rendered, but rarely are nowadays." Rich questions the pilots' certainty that what "buzzed" their aircraft were ET. Shambhala; the UFO source? becomes almost lyrical while making a case for some sort of reality for the fabled Asian "Hidden Kingdom". This piece should inspire comments as Rich's readers puzzle out his final question; it certainly encourages some potential responses both obvious and also more reflective. Straight in-your-face is Walter Haut's Piss-Poor Roswell "Flying Disk" Release, an effort to bring more clarity into the core behind what has been confused subsequently into the Roswell "myth". Reproducing two links on the newspaper account of the initial military release, Reynolds scores with respect to the word choices used in the release and original newspaper story. While Haut and the Roswell Daily Record may be bearded for imprecise or florid terminology, researchers and subsequent story-tellers have often read too much into those words, treating them as more meaningful than merited. (WM)

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