The Great Los Angeles Air Raid: What Actually Happened, According to Witnesses - Mysterious Universe

Three articles on older UFO-related cases. Micah Hanks re-examines the famous "Battle of Los Angeles" of February 25, 1942, in light of testimonies from some who were there, broadcast on California public television station KCET in 2004. In The 1966 Tully Flying Saucer Nest Revisited Australian researcher Bill Chalker provides a major article, based mostly on primary source examination, on this Queensland CE-2 Physical Trace event. In the process Bill attacks the relevance of the Australian "saucer nest" to the later "crop circle" phenomenon, and brings up a great deal of other fascinating information, including possible precognitive dreams by the owner of the site. Lastly, Rich Reynolds' A Case Study in Ufological "Insanity" touches upon the psychological elements in comments to Kevin Randle's recent treatment of the Billy Meier contactee claims. (WM)

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