The Ghost, The Dynamite, And The Fever - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog

Contemporary mass hysteria at schools is rare in the west, or covered up by the mainstream news much to Dr. Beachcombing's chagrin. Here's a 20th century account of some craziness from Barnoldswick where a spook gripped one school in terror with the potential of a Columbine-esque massacre. Also lurking within the margins of current culture is Karl Shuker, hitting paydirt in ancient manuscripts and folios with a familiar face. Is Nosferatu An Illuminated Vampire, or were medieval monks haunted by visions of diminuitive Jedi masters? After comparing this marginalia with that of the Smithfield Decretals, join David Weatherly at the New York Governor's Haunted Mansion to hear Governor Andrew Cuomo discuss his unearthly roommates. Not everyone is keen on spooks considering how one Family Is Selling A Haunted Doll To A Good Home. The price is pretty steep, even for Paul Seaburn, but think of the conversations started at your next tea party! (CS)

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