The Case for the Morphing Flying Saucer -

Mysterious Universe--Red Pill Junkie Miguel Romero, aka Red Pill Junkie, offers another surpassingly weird encounter story not well-known to English-speaking ufologists. RPJ emphasizes that the witness in this case would later become a police officer. Witness credibility is of prime importance in this particular instance, because this July 1974 Spanish case is one of the strangest single-witness, single-event reports one could imagine. RPJ colorfully relates the tale of ghost trucks, MIB-like individuals, and a UFO that seems to dematerialize/materialize into two automobiles, with allusions to Don Quixote and an eye for detail. There's a jolting excursus towards the end, but used to bolster some conjectures about the event's meaning and provide a "shout-out" to the lively essay RPJ wrote for Robbie Graham's recent compilation UFOs: Reframing the Debate. (WM)

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