The British UFO Files: An Estimate of the Situation? - Mysterious Universe

Micah Hanks takes one of the "hair-raising encounters kept quiet by the MOD [Ministry of Defence] for decades,, but now freed in the recent release of formerly-classified British UFO documents, and uses it as a basis for speculations about the nature of UFOs themselves. Giving a set of possibilities, Hanks rues the fact that the two "primary arguments"--ET UFOs versus "Nothing to see"--continue to dominate the discussion. Hanks hopes that creative thinking and "a willingness to keep our ideas in check" may solve the mystery. Nick Redfern sees some hope in the attitude of the public attending last weekend's 70th anniversary festivities near ufology's Most Holy Place: Roswell: A Change in the Air? This story is brightened by the local newspaper and many festival attendees' willingness to entertain explanations other than an ET wreck for the genesis of the present hoopla, food consumption, and beer-drinking. However, cretins remain, according to Nick, who may be willing to come to blows to protect the traditional space aliens view. And Magonia's Peter Rogerson argues that little's changed in the 70 years since Kenneth Arnold's seminal UFO sighting. In And the Ufologists Go Round and Round and Round Rogerson suggests the essayists in Robbie Graham's UFOs: Reframing the Debate are just plowing old ground at both ends of a belief-spectrum regarding UFOs, bounded by "scientific ufologists" on the one hand, and paranormalists on the other. (WM)

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