The Boy Who Was Zapped by a UFO - Bizarre and Grotesque

Tristan Shaw translates another fascinating Spanish-language case. This CE2-physiological encounter apparently caused some serious complications for the seven-year-old boy involved. Shaw thinks a pre-existing condition caused the event, but there are, as always, elements that do not jibe in such cases. Shane Cochrane relates The Earl of Erne's Eerie Light Mystery on the Fortean Ireland site. Another interesting old tale from the Old Country. Somewhat nearer in time, if further removed geographically, is Australian UFO Science? An Internal Personal View from a Member of the WRE Radar & Electronic Tracking Group (1971). Out from Oz, Bill Chalker's back again with two items covering both the UFO phenomenon/a as reported and some in the Australian government interested in UFO-interested groups. (WM)

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