Teacher Films 'Tasmanian Tiger' Galloping Across South Australian Field - 9News

Well, this is intriguing. An amateur photographer in South Australia managed to catch on film what appears to be a (long extinct?) Tasmanian tiger running across a field. As much as naysayers want to dismiss the sighting, the anatomy and gait of the creature seems to shout Thylacine. If not, there's a photographer whose tummy is going to be full of chewed up hat. But while some cryptid sightings make us want to shout "Eureka!", some others make us want to throw rotten tomatoes. Is The Ozenkadnook Tiger A Cardboard Cryptid?. Dr. Karl Shuker has researched a historical encounter from 1964 Melbourne wherein a "dark-bodied, white-striped Australian mystery beast" was spotted and photographed in the woods surrounding the highway. Ever the well informed skeptic, Shuker shares findings from investigators at the time, including a news story suggesting the Thylacine was actually a well placed cardboard cutout. Seems we don't always need Photoshop to hoax the world. There are other times though when we just don't know what kind of creature we are dealing with: Murders Most Mysterious: Were These Deaths Caused By Unrecognized Species? Strange footprints, bite marks, mutilations, on both earth and water, all just add to the complexity of murders that remain mysterious and and unsolved to this day. (CM)

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