Strange Snail-Like Object Spotted On Pluto's Surface By NASA's New Horizons - TechBlog

With Scott Waring taking a (seemingly) Art Bell-esque sabbatical, others are filling the vacuum to scrutinize NASA's oeuvre for evidence of aliens. This curiosity from the rim of our solar system has tickled our fancy, while Never A Straight Answer says it's a just block of dirty water ice. Yeah, right. And The Anomalist is selling a petrified forest on the planet Mars. Cheap! One of our top bidders is Paul Seaburn after reviewing the Tree, a Stone Circle and a Space Vehicle snapped by humanity's plucky rovers. They can all be yours for the low, low price of $1,000,000 USD payable to yours truly. You're on your own figuring out how to get up there. (CS)

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