Spain: Ministry of Defense Investigated at Least 8 UFO Cases in 70s-80s - Inexplicata

The Spanish Ministry of Defense has recently declassified and digitized 80 files stemming from a request by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos more than 25 years ago. This article gives brief descriptions of eight quite interesting cases from eastern Spain from back even before Vicente-Juan's initiative. Hopefully someone will make these available to a wider linguistic public. Spain: UFO Sighting in Alicante gives us a report much nearer in time from the same area. This April 30, 2017, disc case is accompanied by images, and the local Grupo Investigacion Insolita seems to be working with the unnamed witness on it. Nearer in time and location, Roger Marsh reports about an Aviation Mechanic Unable to Identify Sphere-shaped Object. This June 10, 2017, report also has photography, the still images at first glance appearing more interesting than the video clip. The witness professes considerable knowledge of F-16s and such, and the Ohio MUFON Field Investigator closed the case as "Unknown." (WM)

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