Residents In Stirlingshire Village React To Sighting Of Mystery 'Creature' In Field - Daily Record

Has one of Nessie's babies gone astray, or might this be a case of mistaken identity? To say Kaiya Marjoribanks is stumped is an understatement after getting the skinny on Jimmy Wright's discovery. A little less dodgy is Karl Shuker's quest for The Locust Of Kalisz, a Dali-esque deathshead rediscovered through a wayward Google search. Such a critter may have existed, but the artist appears to have taken more than a few liberties. But who needs evidence when folks are spinning yarns about sasquatch? Coming soon to a streaming service near you, AJ at Bigfoot Base is stoked for 'The Back 80' Documentary Explores Ohio Bigfoot Sightings, and why Suzanne Ferencak plays a central role to these encounters. In other news Nick Redfern's been called out many times for pushing the supernatural basis of bigfoot, in addition to being a UFOlogist out of his element in cryptozoology. Especially after his piece on the British Bigfoot. Now Nick has the definitive answer to the question everyone's been asking, "Are All 'Anomalous Apes' Paranormal?" (CS)

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