Requiem for Roswell: Setting the Record Straight on an Innocuous UFO Event - Mysterious Universe

Three substantive posts from Mysterious Universe for your consideration. Micah Hanks begs your forgiveness and indulgence as he demolishes the notion that "ufomania" began with the Roswell Army Air Field press release on July 8, 1947. Besides the instant furor caused by the announcement being doused just as quickly, and for decades, by a weather balloon fiction, the whole summer of '47 flap was far more complicated and in fact well underway when Walter Haut's info hit the wires. Next, Nick Redfern gives us More on "Mind-Control," UFOs & Conspiracy. Nick mentions the blow-back from his previous MU article suggesting that 50s contactee Orfeo Angelucci may have been monitored and "medicated" by government agents, then discusses another case very similar in outline. This one has a twist connecting it to none other than a key figure in MK-Ultra. Nick promises more in a like vein, involving yet another possible human target, and this time with a Roswell angle. Nick claims another similarity in A Giant UFO and a Military "Stand Down". Here a large UFO was sensed by the military in the same location (Cyprus) as recently-released British files show that just, a year prior (1981), an RC-135 spy plane itself was apparently spied upon by a UFO. Another fascinating historical case. (WM)

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