Peruvian Mummy Update--And Then There Were Five - Mysterious Universe

If you've not been following the saga of the three-fingered Peruvian mummy that Jaime Maussan and colleagues have been touting, you've got some catching up to do, and Paul Seaburn's the one to go to. It seems that Mummy #1 is a female, nicknamed "Maria" by the research team, while Mummy #2 has been dubbed "Victoria," even though its sex has not yet been determined. But wait, there's more--there are at least five bodies, unless the headless Victoria, who seems to be a baby, is 700 years younger than Maria and is confidently presented as another species of being, is number 6. Paul Seaburn follows up with the Mummy Congress Not Buying Peruvian 3-Fingered Mummies. The Mummy Establishment has "struck back" with a "Declaration of the Scientific Community Regarding the Fraud of Extraterrestrial Mummies." The "9th World Congress on Mummy Studies," held coincidentally in Peru almost a year ago, identifies its participants as "heavy hitters" in the archaeological world, and the Declaration leaves little to the imagination as to the body's official position that these are mutilated Pre-Columbian corpses. (WM)

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