Pentagon 'Space Corps' Plan Leaves Earth Science In The Dust - Wired

Just a few weeks ago folks were going nuts over Anonymous announcing they dug up proof The-Powers-That-Be are interacting with aliens. Swiftly debunked and dismissed by NASA, the video was followed by a flotilla of SETI-related links. Now the House Armed Services subcommittee's approved a "Space Corps" initiative, but we're not talking Captain Video. If there aren't aliens, who in space warrants a stalwart defense of puny Earthlings by puny Earthlings? We're gonna have to side with aliens, and they're already cocking up our planet's airspace. A Large Satellite Appears To Be Falling Apart In Geostationary Orbit, the same orbit responsible for GPS satellites and other objects responsible for the ease of 21st century living. While Eric Berger fears a chain reaction among other satellites, he doesn't consider a potential shadow war in space nor aliens trying to undermine our communications infrastructure. Vindicated of any shenanigans is the Air Force's super-secret shuttle, since it's been Earthside since early May. Its story gets more interesting after Loren Grush caught wind how SpaceX Scored A Contract To Launch The USAF's Secretive X-37B Space Plane. So Elon Musk, internet oligarch wunderkind, is involved, but we'll just let your imagination run wild like Hulkamania. Brother! (CS)

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