Paul Kimball-Returning to Old Haunts - Radio Misterioso

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times--I may be an ET-UFO believer" seems to be the theme of the ufology-related portions of Greg Bishop's interview with the freshly-married Paul Kimball, who's "dropping back into the UFO biz a little bit" after a respectable second-place finish in the provincial election of his Clayton Park West riding in Nova Scotia. The duo touch upon the recently-surfaced "MJ-12" documents, and there is discussion on the gullibility of many in the UFO field toward recurrent nonsense elements in the recent Roswell and Tom DeLonge claims, plus the John Ventre situation and its poor handling by MUFON. Interesting points were made about the use of anonymous sources, a practice that has been corrosive to political journalism as well as ufology. Toward the end of the interview the then-upcoming sentencing of Sean David Morton, alleged to have defrauded many in the UFO and New Age communities, was noted. In between, most of the Bishop/Kimball discussion concerned Paul's interest in Ghosts and his new program "Haunted." Even for someone not particularly into Ghosts, the discussion was worthwhile and in one instance, quite creepy. (WM)

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