Paranormal Team Uncovers Ghostly Evidence At Ripley’s - Panama City News Herald

As many of our readers are aware, David Weatherly and his paranormal research team undertook an investigation this past March at the Ripley Believe It Or Not Museum in Panama City. The Two Crows Paranormal reporter is ready to share more details now, replete with bloody historic details as a backdrop. Of course, not every paranormal investigator is on board with hauntings: Why People Think They See Ghosts is an interview with senior research fellow Joe Nickell from the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry in Buffalo, New York. While Joe makes some excellent points about the impact of grief, the fear of death, and the ever popular sleep paralysis, we find it hard to forgive the somewhat arrogant attitude directed toward believers. Nickell may consider himself a true skeptic, but he seems to lack the ability to embrace all possibilities, which is a limitation in his line of work. (CM)

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