Not Quite Nessie: News Sites Claim a “Dinosaur� Lives in This North Carolina Lake - Mysterious Universe

Fox News recently picked up a story from Cryptozoology News about a recent sighting of "Normie" in Lake Norman near Charlotte, North Carolina. The "something splashing around in the water" was said to be 10 feet long and resembling a "dinosaur." All quite hard to believe considering Lake Norman is a man-made lake. But Micah Hanks quite rightly points out the creature could very well have been a very large catfish. Of greater interest is "Champ," Lake Champlain's legendary "monster," which as Lois Clermont points out, Champ sightings keep legend alive. Lois clams to have had a sighting of "a large, black, featureless stationary object" that divided into "two humps" two summers ago. Lois is now involved with the Moriah Chamber of Commerce, which promotes an annual Champ Day that takes place on Sunday, July 23, at the Port Henry Beach, State Department of Environmental Conservation Boat Launch and Port Henry Marina. Cryptozoology is obviously good for tourists, but are tourists good for cryptozoology? (PH)

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