New Sightings of Lake Iliamna Monster in Alaska - Mysterious Universe

Paul Seaburn looks into recent reports of what hopeful cryptid hunters are calling a return of the Lake Illiamna monster in Alaska. While the possible identities of "Illie" include white sturgeon or sleeper shark, the absence of cellphones among the witnesses (Seriously folks? Surely you have someone you want to call, some deep desire to play Candy Crush or check the weather?) means there are no photographs. None. So on that note we turn to The Return of CaliforniaĆ¢€™s Sea Serpent: A New Perspective on a Classic Mystery. Micah Hanks demonstrates what it means to live as a true fortean, beginning as skeptic and finishing as optimistically doubtful in the absence of tangible proof. Makes us want to go to San Francisco to find some. (CM)

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