NASA Denies It Has Child Labor Camps on Mars - Mysterious Universe

Popular ufology is so replete with nonsense these days that it's hard to find something that makes you just shake your head, like the recent defacing of a Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail Forestry Commission sculpture by the followers of witness-claimant Larry Warren. However, Paul Seaburn tells us that NASA has felt the need to deny fantastic and disgusting claims made on Alex Jones' InfoWars. But wait, there's more, and Paul has it in Those Mysterious Blue Lights Are from NASA. Here's something the American space agency does 'fess up to--a beautiful light display seen in the skies from New York to North Carolina on the morning of June 29th, as part of a scientific test. There's more nuttiness instanced in the article, and Paul can't resist the opportunity to tweak conspiracy theorists about the harmlessness of this suborbital project. And shenanigans are on the mind of Adrian C. Hedden, who gives us Roswell UFO Festival Opens with Conspiracy Theorists. Well, Guy Malone's leadoff presentation last Thursday expounded his theory that the Roswell ET connection was part of a diversionary coverup for Operation Paper Clip, the project involving former World War II German scientists in New Mexico. But it's harder to take presenter Greg Bishop's "Alternative Theories of UFO Origins" as a conspiracy. Indeed, this year's festival encompassed a wide variety of topics and perspectives on ufology, with particular emphasis of course upon the mystery that began nearby these 70 years ago. (WM)

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