Mysterious Devil’s Footprints Around the World - Mysterious Universe

Brent Swancer brings us a trifecta of bloody unsettling cryptid reports, starting with strange bipedal "hoof prints" that elude explanation and spark cries of "demon!" from the communities involved. While there are certainly mundane possibilities for these physics-defying prints in the snow, the lack of witnesses means the subject remains classified as a mystery. Not that numerous observers are any guarantee of positive identification. The Mysterious Monsters of Utah have a long history of eyewitness reports, but to date not a single cryptid has been found and catalogued, be it based in water, desert, or air. While we're touching upon the subject of water cryptids, it's not just Scottish lochs and Canadian lakes that attract the beasts. Swancer details incidents of Bizarre and Mysterious Lake Monsters in Manmade Lakes. He concludes his summary with a bit of wisdom that all forteans are too familiar with--the internet has made it incredibly easy to spread misinformation, propagate hoaxes, birth conspiracy theories, and just generally get in the way of a good investigation. Take your man-made lake monsters with a very large grain of salt. (CM)

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