Ke$Ha Says She Saw a UFO...And That Inspired Her New Album - WDJX

Kesha (she's mostly moved on from the ironic "Ke$ha" stylization she'd employed earlier in her career) is a musical entertainer and sometime-actress who's coming out with a new studio album in August. Fine, you say, but refer to the headline of this short article and you'll get why we're mentioning it here. Reporter Kelly K does a good job of summarizing the small part of the embedded interview that deals with the sighting and its impact upon the star. About the only major UFO-relevant items not reported in the post were that the objects looked like fireballs, and Kesha had always believed in "spaceships." Kesha is a talented person who's certainly come through a lot in general outside of this one experience, and at age 30 she seems to have integrated all her biography into a sane outlook on life. Another reminder that people claiming to see UFOs are, first and foremost, people indeed. (WM)

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