John DeSouza Interview - The Paracast

Gene Steinberg and Chris O'Brien discuss "Extra-Dimensionals" and "plasma ships" with former FBI agent, the "X-Man" John DeSouza. DeSouza has some interesting things to say about pre-9-11 precognitive cases, but things start unravelling when he starts talking about the July 1952 Washington, D.C. "Merry-Go-Round" intrusions. John's grasp of that and other iconic UFO events seemed somewhat incomplete, and by the end of the podcast matters appeared strained between him and Chris over the Anunnaki and the Phoenix Lights. As a general rule, ufologists, who certainly understand the concepts of "fake news," bias, and "propaganda," should be wary of referencing ancient records with implicit faith in their literal accuracy--and that is especially true of Alexander the Great, whose "UFO encounter" at Tyre DeSouza emphasizes. In this particular matter, see Antonio Huneeus' account at Deconstructing the Alexander the Great UFO Story for an in-depth laying of this fable to rest. With the Dr. Joseph G. Buchman Interview Chris and Gene are joined by Goggs Mackay in chatting with libertarian candidate Joe Buchman about his UFO career. The quartet don't get into the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which Joe says he's credited for "saving," until about an hour of biography and commercials have passed, and about 40 more minutes go by before we hear Buchman discuss discovering non-factual statements in the testimony of Dr. Steven Greer and others. A good exchange then occurs on vetting and failed responsibility for assuring that credible information was presented to the panel of six former U.S. Congress members. (WM)

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