Is Bad Luck Just Bad Luck? - Mysterious Universe

Hot town, summer in Texas, Nick Redfern's talking about hexes. Cooped up, isn't it a bitch? His air conditioning's on the fritz. Nick Redfern cheated death, cell phone wasn't so lucky, but was it all in his head? Could it have been a curse? Magick won't help me write another verse. But hey, there's The Artist And The Other, by Jeff Ritzmann, our mystical brother. While writing to the tune of The Lovin' Spoonful's biggest hit may not be high art, there's something about the creative process putting it on the same wavelength as the occult and paranormal. Tony Kail's put his mad writing skills to the test, illustrating Hoodoo's Roots: Rites And Wrongs in his new book. Lynn Picknett treasures A Secret History of Memphis Hoodoo as a sane anthropological and occult study of African-American magickal and folk traditions, in addition to their enduring impact upon the fabric of America's culture. (CS)

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