How Camera Phones Killed Alien Abductions and UFOs - Inverse

Ryan Britt says that UFO reports have declined significantly in the 21st century, and at least partly due to the increase in camera phones. We're not impressed with Britt's rationale for these assertions, and Martin Kottmeyer's having none of it either, per No, Camera Phones Did Not Kill Alien Abductions and UFOS. Kottmeyer's statistical data does not support a downward trend in abduction and UFO reports since 2003, and he sees "no intelligible correlation or causal relationship" with camera phones. Kottmeyer certainly cannot be regarded as a "woo-woo" sort of UFO believer, and his assertions are backed by data from more "ET-friendly" organizations such as MUFON and NUFORC. One might, however, make observations about the quality of many of the reports, even where video is involved, and we just can't get excited by what Alejandro Rojas posted on UFO Witnesses Capture "Shinning Disk" on Video Near Toronto Harbourfront. Other than Rojas' speculations, there is no indication that MUFON is looking further into this, and maybe that's for the best. (WM)

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