Green Grow The Tigers, O – At Least In Vietnam? - Shuker Nature

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue....Dr. Shuker takes the mystery out of candy-hued lions and tigers and sheds some very realistic color and light theory on what would otherwise be a cryptid story. Next we have An encounter with the "Tantanoola tiger" at Mount Kembla in 1909 where a medical doctor was essentially mugged (it was either that or getting eaten, take your pick) by an unidentified wild animal. Don't walk in the zoo alone at night. And finally we look at Ghost Dogs in African American Folk History. Richard Ravalli suggests that while the tradition of spectral hounds has long existed, the specific phenomenon attributed to dogs of slaves in American folklore is more of a cultural comment than spooks, representing "the horrors of the countryside and an oppressive system that often treated African Americans no differently from the beings that chased them." (CM)

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