GIrl with all the Gifts...continued

My computer has now died the death and I am trying with some difficulty to complete this on my IPad. One student stands out as being more 'human' and humane than her cohorts...little Melanie played by newcomer Sennia Nanua. In Mike Carey's novel she's blonde and blue-eyed and her teacher is black, but the races are reversed in the film. When their army based is attacked by the zombie hordes, the pair escape with Close and a pair of soldiers. It is then a scramble to stay safe and fed until they can be rescued.

However it soon becomes clear that there is no longer a safe haven but that the virus is on the verge of mutating into an airborne killer that will mark the end of mankind. One believes that a happy ending will be found by Dr Close and the precocious child -- but Melanie has other ideas about the world's future. The adult actors including an initially hostile Paddy Considine are all fine but it is little miss Nanua who steals the show.

I will edit this further if ever ny computer returns to life since IPadding it is just too frustrating!

from Pretty Pink Patty's Pictures