Ghost Rockets over America: An Unusual, Early Military Pilot UFO Encounter - Mysterious Universe

Micah Hanks gives us a western hemispheric incident of the 1946 European "Ghost Rocket" phenomenon, from August 1st of that same year. The Southeastern U.S. sighting by the crew of a C-47 also does sound remarkably like the one that Clarence Chiles and John Whitted had while flying an Eastern Airlines DC-3 over Alabama just two years later. Hanks includes, without caption, Captain Whitted's drawing of the object he saw on July 24, 1948, probably due to its strong resemblance to what Captain Jack Puckett earlier described. Wonder if the visual similarity (the 1946 sighting lasted three minutes) rather weakens Kevin Randle's identification of the iconic Chiles-Whitted sighting as a misperception of a meteor seen for less than fifteen seconds. (WM)

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